moisture maximum detection depth 8mmmoisture test range/accuracy wood 5%-50%±2%building materials 1.5%-33%±2%automatic switch off after approx. 5minworking humidity range:metal 0-85%rhwood 0-60%rh


technical data
laser marking line(635-660nm,<5mw)a horizontal bubble with vertical and horizontal distributions(accuracy: blisters 2mm misalignments 1°)
detect wall batten: maximum depth:38mm(deep)/20mm(exact)detect live cable: maximum depth:40mmlooking for magnetic metals such as steel bars or nails in the wall(maximum depth of 16mm)size:145*64*28mmbattery: 9v 6f 22
operating h


technical data
recommended operating environment indoormeasuring range(typical) 0.05-30mmeasurement accuracy(typical, standard deviation) ±5mm and increased by the value of 0.05mm/m.minimum display unit 1mmlaser class 2laser type wavelength 635nm maximum output power 1mwinstrument auto-off delay time 5min.laser auto-off delay time 20 sec.<

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