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Technology Department

MAKA employs highly qualified professional technology talent in top management, middle management and senior positions. MAKA is always striving to achieve the highest innovation, product design and development at the highest standards.


MAKA has a sophisticated "in - out" procedure.
All parts coming in to our warehouse must be 100% quality checked before they are accepted from our supplier.


MAKA Receiving staff inspects all parts coming into our warehouse. They are 100% checked for quality to meet our stringent parts specifications before they are accepted by our quality assurance people and sent to the production area.


In order to guarantee our customers the highest quality product in 2012 we introduced "NO DUST PRODUCTION WORK ROOMS" to international standards.
Cleanliness and our strict high standard of quality control guarantees our customers a first class products.
Our monthly output is 20,000 pieces and increasing every month.

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