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Laboratory Test Equipment

ICT (PCBA test equipment):The equipment is used to detect the yield of SMD PCBA.,Can quickly and accurately detect and determine the pass rate of PCBA. Greatly ensures the quality of the products.

Key life test instrument:To ensure that the product key life of up to 100000 times.

Digital oscilloscope:200HZ/1GSampling rate high precision oscilloscope,To test the performance of the semi product, to ensure the stability of the product performance

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber:Accurately simulate all kinds of extreme environments, to ensure the reliability of products in various environments。

LCR instrument:To inspect the accuracy of incoming capacitance, inductance and resistance, and to ensure that the product meets the standards.


Produce Equipment

Semi-automatic pressure lens fixture

Automatic soldering machine

Assembly line

Focus and debug equipment

High frequency welding machine

Production endurance test stand

Calibration, test production line

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