Digital Detector
Wall detector able to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals, cables, wooden structure walls, and even plastic pipes, to ensure the reliability and safety of operation, combined with the electronic level detector, probe deeper, more powerful, and more convenient user experience detection operation. Detector automatically displays the measured depth of metal when the measured object at the center of the instrument automatically displays Center icon.


technical data
maximum scanning depth: ferrous metals 38mmnon-ferrous metals(copper) 20mmcopper conductors(live)** 40mmwood 38mmautomatic switch off after approx. 5min.operating temperature -10℃+50℃storage temperature -20℃+70℃battery 2*1.5v aa alkaline batterybattery lasts 6hbody size 202.5*88*63.5mmoperating h


technical data
laser marking line(635-660nm,<5mw)a horizontal bubble with vertical and horizontal distributions(accuracy: blisters 2mm misalignments 1°)
detect wall batten: maximum depth:38mm(deep)/20mm(exact)detect live cable: maximum depth:40mmlooking for magnetic metals such as steel bars or nails in the wall(maximum depth of 16mm)size:145*64*28mmbattery: 9v 6f 22
operating h


moisture maximum detection depth 8mmmoisture test range/accuracy wood 5%-50%±2%building materials 1.5%-33%±2%automatic switch off after approx. 5minworking humidity range:metal 0-85%rhwood 0-60%rh

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